What is Find My Ring Size?

Find My Ring Size is the first ever online ring sizer. Based on pat. pending technology, our online ring sizer offers a simple, reliable, and highly accurate solution. It is designed for online jewelry customers who are looking for their ring size.

The online ring sizer was designed with two guiding principles in mind: accuracy and user experience. Accuracy is the essence of our product, which is to find your ring size. And user experience, because we want people to enjoy using the online ring sizer

Who Are We?

Find My Ring Size was founded in May 2010, by a team of innovative entrepreneurs who are passionate about changing the online shopping experience.

Backed up with many years of experience in software development and product design, Find My Ring Size team has targeted one of the most prominent issues in e-commerce, the shopping experience of the end customer; this is our first step in a long journey.

What Is Our Vision?

Find My Ring Size was created as part of a dream. A dream to make online shopping as fun and realistic as in-store shopping.

We believe that combination of creative ideas backed with state of the art web development, are key ingredients in the recipe of ultimate user experience.

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